About me!

I am Anukriti and am currently a third-year student at Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE) and have been born and brought up in Delhi.

Coding is my passion but along with it, I also love reading and exploring new technologies. If I have to describe myself in a single word, I would call myself an inquisitive person, always eager to learn new technologies with utmost sincerity. I am also a department rank holder at my university and have got several scholarships including Cargill Global Scholarship in which around 10 students across the country were selected for the Global program to represent India. As far as my work experience is concerned, I have always tried to challenge myself in the best way possible. My first internship was under Bharosa Technoserve Pvt. Ltd. for whom I built an android application (available on Google Play Store as Bharosa Advisor). I did my next internship in Bharti Airtel, where I developed an automated computer vision system for person verification during SIM card purchase. More recently, I also worked at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore where I prepared a solution capable of generating triplets from real time conversation using various NLP (Natural Language Processing) models that later was integrated in their voice assistant, Bixby. Apart from this, I also worked under the guidance of two professors from IIT Mandi and IIT Delhi and worked on a research paper recently on Intelligent Transport System which has been accepted at ICCV (International Conference on Computational Vision).

Also, I am a hackathon enthusiast, being the National Finalist at KPMG Ideation Challenge after which one of my research projects also got shortlisted for Innovate India research and innovation program by Government of India. I was amongst the top 60 girls from India to be selected for the Linkedin Wintathon. I was also one of the finalists at Makeathon organised by American Express. I was among the top 6 teams at Vihaan hackathon organised by IEEE and I became one of the mentors at Toyota Code for Safer India Hackathon.

Apart from coding, in my free time, I do listen to songs and am a big bollywood fan. So, anytime you want to have such conversations, I am always up for it. Recently, I also started contributing to open source and got selected as one of the top 50 students across the globe for the outreachy internship. I am really glad that I got this opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds and would love to learn a lot in the future.

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